Achievement and Progress


Data from the end of July 2016 tests and teacher assessments is published below.

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 EYFS Foundation Stage

   Harbour School  National
Good level of Development overall  66.7%  69.4%

Average Points Score 

 34.5  34.5

As you can see, the percentage of children achieving a good level of development was broadly similar to the national percentage, despite having a cohort with 38 boys and 22 girls (there is a big gap between boys and girls nationally.) Average points score matches national exactly.



   Harbour School  National
Year 1 Phonic test pass 71.7%


Year 2 Phonic test pass

90% 91%

Our year 1 phonic test pass rate was below national levels and we will be working hard to improve that this year. By the end of Year 2 however, a similar percentage of children have passed the phonic test to the national average.

KEY STAGE 1 SATS (year 2)



 Harbour School

Expected +


Expected +








65.0%  65.0%



 70.0%  72.6%

The percentages of children achieving nationally expected standards or above was broadly in line with national averages in all areas at the end of Year 2.


 KEY STAGE 2 SATS (Year 6)


 Harbour School

Expected +


Expected +








80.4%  72.9%



 48.2%  69.7%

The percentages of children reaching national expectations in Key Stage 2 matched or exceeded national figures in Reading and Writing, but was below them in Maths. Maths will be a key part of our school improvement plan this year.

KS 2

 Harbour School




Average Reading Scaled Score




 Average Maths Scaled Score

 99.0  103.0

 Average Progress in Reading

 0.9  0.0

Average progress in Writing 

 2.5  0.0

Average progress in Maths 

 -2.2  0.0

High level of attainment in Reading 

 16.1 18.7 

High level of attainment in Writing 

 19.6  14.5

High level of attainment in Maths 


  16.5   5.4