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School Council

Welcome to the Harbour Primary and Nursery School Council page.

December 2017 

  • Cancer Research charity received the most votes. The events we would like to hold for this event will be discussed by councillors in our next meeting.
  • Mrs Elphick explained that the role of the Green Ambassador is to help our school to take action to help our amazing planet. They will be supported to build their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills, and explore their values so they’re motivated and equipped to enjoy and care for our beautiful planet.
  • We talked about each WWF character represents and some of the ideas Year 4 had come up with in their Environmental Audit.

 November 2017

  • Mrs Elphick gave an update on the compost bins. The budget and the plans have been agreed and these should be built and ready to use by the middle of Term 3.
  • Council were thanked for their clear job descriptions compiled for Head boy and Head girl. Well done to Joe and Abisha who were voted.
  • Mrs Elphick reminded school council of the charities the school has supported over the last four years:

     2017 British Heart Foundation - Jump Rope for Heart

     2016 Save the Children - Den Day

     2015 Children in Need

     2014 Cancer Research - Race for Life

      Five websites were shown based on the types of charities school council had showed  an  interest in at  the last meeting. Councillors are to share with their classes and a vote taken. Options will include WWF, Water Aid, Homelessness, Education for Children and Cancer  Research.

  • Mrs Elphick explained about the WWF Green Ambassadors scheme which aims to encourage a new generation of sustainability champions. All councillors agreed that they would like to be Green Ambassadors - they were given a badge, a booklet and some stickers. Projects that Green Ambassadors and Class Eco Warriors will get involved in will also be agreed.
  • The climbing wall for the playground should now be delivered to us during Term 3.
  • Classes are making suggestion boxes for councillors to bring to the next meeting.

October 2017

  • Mrs Elphick announced that the school had raised £1934.61 for the British Heart Foundation – Jump Rope For Heart. This is about £1,000 more than that raised for Den day the previous year. Certificates will be given out and ropes will be received from BHF in December.
  • All the councillors looked at the compost ideas from different classes. A range of posters were chosen to be displayed on the School Council notice board and gardening notice board. There were a variety of ideas including smaller ones for Year groups and larger designs for the garden. Mr Geering will put together ideas and provide us with a design for the garden. Mrs Elphick will get in touch with Veolia to see if they will provide us with small bins for Year groups which could be taken out to the playground at break times.
  • Mrs Terrey asked school council to put together a job description and application process for a new position for a Year 6 Head girl/ head boy.
  • Councillors came up with possible charity causes for this year: Cancer including Race for Life, endangered animals, Children in Need, School equipment to poor countries, homelessness, feminine/ starving people, refugees, medical equipment. Mrs Elphick is to make a list of the possible charities we could support that link to these ideas and share at the next meeting.

 Sept  2017

The School Council met for the first time this year and discussed ‘waste’ in the school and the problem we have with garden waste. Councillors also talked about the problem with fruit waste being dropped on the playground. It was felt a compost bin might help as currently Gardening club are having to put waste from the garden into black bags which will be going to landfill sites. The councillors now plan to research pictures of compost bins and items they'd like us to compost.


July 2017

Jump Skip Charity Day -organised by school councillors and Mrs Elphick

Jump Rope for Heart for The British Heart Foundation, our charity this year, was a great success. The children have developed their skipping skills so well and the stamina of many was incredible. They have all worked very hard to be able to join in with determination and enthusiasm. Sponsorship money collected so far is £1,833! Thank you to all the family and friends that have supported the children by donating and to the family members who helped run the event.  

May 2017

The school councillors have been busy sorting through suggestions made by pupils. Most ideas posted into the suggestion boxes are now ideas that really will improve our school. This is how pupils’ voices have been heard:

  • We have such a lovely library but pupils were concerned that sometimes noise level in there were not appropriate. Noise monitor boards have been put up which we hope are helping to remind everyone that the library is a quiet place.
  • Classes were also reminded that if they are not happy with the selection of books in class book corners, that they can request a fresh selection is made from the library.
  • Requests were received that our back playground is made more colourful. Hence new playground signs and a climbing wall were ordered and should be seen soon. Also flower seeds have been planted by classes and the gardening club.

Staff have also made suggestions with ideas for improvements to our school:

  • Mr Voice has been asking all classes to monitor heating levels in classes, how well each class is recycling paper and ensuring lighting is not wasted. School councillors are asked to be aware of how successful their own classes are with these targets and feedback to meetings.
  • Mr Geering has asked school councillors to help ensure all ICT equipment is well looked after. Unfortunately, five times more has been spent on repairs this year than ever before. Sometimes we seem to forget how much our equipment is worth! School councillors will feedback, in assembly each month, how much of our ICT repairs budget has been spent. Anything not spent in the budget by the end of next March will be given back for resources which pupils feel are needed. Wow! What an incentive to look after our equipment! 

Spelling Bee – 13th June: School Council are delighted that we will continue to hold this spelling contest which last year’s school council first began. It is a great way of promoting the importance of practising spelling in a fun way. Look out on your homework for details.

British Heart Foundation – Jump Rope for Heart (5th & 6th July); This is the charity event which children voted for this year. A separate letter will be sent with detailed information. Keep skipping over the holidays and get busy collecting sponsorship.  


 March 2017

Following the School Council's assembly last month, it became clear that the majority of children were not making their voices heard. This month an increase in suggestions have been seen by class councillors. Please remember to always consider, 'Will my idea improve our school?'

The latest improvements you asked to be made to our school...

* Playground organisation continues to be trialled and changed based on how well you use different areas.

* The back playground will be made more colourful with the addition of a climbing wall and new signage.

* Book-corners are to be replenished by a visit to the library and while you are there please take time to notice the sound monitor. A number of children have told school council that the noise levels in the library are too loud.

* Skipping ropes and sponsorship forms have arrived for our Charity Event. Forms will be sent out the week before the May Half term holiday. This will give skipping practise time at home during the holidays too.

* The garden will be opened by the School Council once some plants are growing in it. Mr Chaplin is organising what each class will grow. Some classes will be given seeds and pots to start plants growing at home over the Easter holiday.


Feb 2017

The school councilors have been busy listening to the classes' ideas for how to improve the school. After listening to your thoughts, the following have all been put into action as a result:

  • Singing assembly is now normally twice a week!
  • Golden Point prizes are 50% easier to achieve!
  • A school garden is being built where you can grow your own vegetables!
  • Girls only and boys only football, at playtime, is being trialed.
  • We are supporting The British Heart Foundation as your charity of the year.
  • More playground equipment will be bought.

Thank you and remember to pop ideas in the year Group Suggestion box, if you think of anything else. Our next meeting is Friday 10th March.