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Welcome to the Harbour Primary and Nursery School Council page.

Spring 2017

The school councillors have been busy listening to the classes' ideas for how to improve the school. After listening to your thoughts, the following have all been put into action as a result:

  • Singing assembly is now normally twice a week!
  • Golden Point prizes are 50% easier to achieve!
  • A school garden is being built where you can grow your own vegetables!
  • Girls only and boys only football, at playtime, is being trialled.
  • We are supporting The British Heart Foundation as your charity of the year.
  • More playground equipment will be bought.

Thank you and remember to pop ideas in the year Group Suggestion box, if you think of anything else. Our next meeting is Friday 10th March.  


Autumn 2015 - Summer 2016

 Our new School Council has had a very busy start to the year! Below you can see the minutes of their meetings.


Harbour Primary School Council Meeting Minutes

Date: Friday 27th November 2015. Apologies – Adam and Leo were absent

  1. Children in Need - £357.23 was raised from cakes, £482.58 was raised from pyjama day – a total of £839.81
  2. Spelling Bee organisation - Initial heats to be held with each classroom holding a Class Spelling Bee. These will be held during the middle of term 3 so that there is time for the Big Spelling Bee competition at the end of term 3. Words that should be given to children are ALL those given so far that year. The same system would apply during the middle of term 6 when classes would be given tests on any of the words given during the year so far. Then a second Big Spelling Bee would be held near the end of the year.

The top 3 children from each class qualify to compete in the school Spelling Bee which could be divided into infants (Year 1 & 2 = 12 chd), lower junior (Year 3 & 4 = 15 chd) and upper junior (Year 5 & 6 = 12 chd).


  1. Year 6 councillors had not had time to ask Year 6 children what they see the role as Head Girl or Head Boy so this will discussed at the at next meeting. It was felt that we may have ‘missed’ the opportunity for this year and may be something for next year.


  1. It was suggested that the School Council have a slot on Red Boat Radio. Mrs Elphick felt that while this was a great idea, that she had a very full timetable and could not commit to it herself. If any other member of staff would be willing to support School Council with this, once a term to give feedback about what has been achieved and what we are talking about with our classes, please let Mrs Elphick know.


  1. Next meeting – due to Christmas performances, the next meeting will be next term. A date is still to be organised.


Here is a letter sent to all of our families from the school council

October 22, 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

As always, at the start of the year, the school councilors asked all the classes which charity they would like to support this year and an overwhelming majority voted for Children in Need.  Children were also asked what events they would like to have in order to raise money for this charity. Following lots of talk about different ideas, two events will be happening at the start of the new term. Everyone is very excited and we hope you will be able to support us.

Great Harbour Bake-Off Sale - Thursday 12th November

What better way to launch our fund raising than to have a Cake and Bake sale! This will be held in the main hall from 3.00pm. We would be very grateful for your donations of homemade or bought cakes which can be brought into school on the morning of the sale. Maybe we’ll even have some Pudsey style baking!

 Pyjama Day - Friday 13th November

Children and teachers are invited to come to school wearing pyjamas for a £1 donation to the charity.

We really hope that you will get involved in this year’s charity.

Yours sincerely,

Harbour Primary School Council


Harbour Primary School Council Meeting                         Minutes -  Friday 9th October 2015

Some classes hadn’t managed to tell their class about our winning charity vote. This needs to be done very soon however it was in the school newsletter so hopefully word’s got round.

Great Harbour Bake Off will be on Thursday 12th Then PJ day on Friday 13th November. School Council will do an assembly during the first week. Count down to pyjama day displayed in hall.

Spelling on the School Improvement Plan. It was proposed that school council ask classes what would they like to help them improve their spellings.

Presentation skills – Following feedback about School Councillors presentation skills when sharing information in class, we had a practise about the most effective way of doing this. Remember to ask class teachers for time to rehearse what you are going to say – look at the Power Point to help (pupil drive on computer).

 Smile, sound excited, make eye contact with your class and make sure they can hear you!

Introduce yourself as school councillors. “We are your class school councillors.”

Explain if it’s something new or the result of something that you are talking about. “We are going to talk about a new idea to …” or “We are going to tell you about the results of …”

Give a few details. “Children at Harbour should be able to …”, “A spelling bee is …”

Ask your class to vote if they are interested. Make a note of how many people like the idea (ready for the next meeting).

Ask for ideas or questions. Make a note of these (ready for the next meeting).

Action Plan – Councillors to share Spelling Bee PowerPoint with classes after between Wednesday 14th – Thursday 22nd Councillors agreed that it would be helpful to learn from, a support each other. Therefore councillors to be released from class as follows. Teachers have been asked and are happy for this to happen:

Year 5 and Year 1 peer support

Thursday 15th Oct


Year 1 Macaroni councillors to go to Year 5 Dolphins to watch the Year 5 presentation.

Thursday 15th Oct


Year 1 Rockhoppers councillors to go to Year 5 Porpoises to watch the Year 5 presentation


16th Oct


Porpoises to go and support Rockhoppers with their presentation.


16th Oct


Dolphins to go and support Macaronis with their presentation.


Year 6 and Year 2 peer support

Thursday 15th Oct


Year 2 Seagull councillors to go to Year 6 Belugas to watch the Year 6 presentation.

Thursday 15th Oct


Year 2 Seadragon councillors to go to Year 6 Orcas to watch the Year 6 presentation


16th Oct


Belugas to go and support Seagulls with their presentation.


16th Oct


Orcas to go and support Seadragons with their presentation.

Mrs Elphick would love to know which children try really hard to make their presentation effective so I know who to ask to present our Children in Need assembly.

Date & Time of next meeting – Thursday 22nd October, small hall, 45 – 9.25am


Harbour Primary School Council Meeting                    Minutes -  Friday 25th September 2015

Apologies – Imogen and Christian

Charity – an overwhelming majority of classes voted for Children In Need – Fri 13 November. The least popular was Unicef in the majority of classes. Year 1 classes couldn’t remember how their class voted.

Fundraising activities – after ideas from the classes were shared, it was decided

Fri 13th November – pyjama/ onesie day. Pay a £1

Great Harbour Bake Off (Cake stalls) – date to be decided – Organised in different sections of the hall (to avoid crowding), suggested Year 6 might help run stalls (to be checked with Year 6 teachers). Suggested stalls: Cookie stall, Sponge stall, Cup cake Stall, Pastry Stall

Charity Pot to be passed around at events such as Glee, Christmas performances, KS1 performance, Year 6 performance

Spelling on the School Improvement Plan. It was proposed that school council ask classes what would they like to help them improve their spellings.

Action Plan – Councillors to share PowerPoint with classes. Explain outcomes about charity and spelling ideas by Thursday 8th

Date & Time of next meeting – Friday 9th October, small hall, 45 – 9.30am


Harbour Primary School Council Meeting                                     Minutes - Friday 18th September 2015

Apologies – Ashley  (Rock Hoppers)

Rules of School Council

Everyone must feel they can have their say about the important issues and feel that they are heard.

We must give reasons if we disagree with anyone.

School Council members are expected to behave sensibly and follow the school’s Golden Code

Positive suggestions will be made if a problem is shared ‘We should…’.

We will talk about behaviour and not mention names.

The purpose of the School Council –

Council members are there to involve all the children in the school and to be their voice when decisions are made.

Council members can propose a new idea that was shared in their class.

Council members might be asked, by the governors, to get the opinions of all pupils on an important issue.

The teacher attending meetings will make sure the structure of the meeting is maintained, minutes are taken and people stick to the rules.

New proposal – Annual charity that the school will support. The majority of members agreed they would like to support a charity that provided support to less fortunate children.

Action Plan – Mrs Elphick will make a Powerpoint showing a choice of three possible charities which council members will need to share with their class by Thursday 24th

Council members need to listen to the class’ thoughts.

Note any questions asked so these can be brought to the next meeting

Be ready to tell the council if their class really liked or really didn’t like any of the ideas.

Next meeting – Friday 25th September, 8.45 – 9.30 in the small hall. Please can children come up as soon as possible as the hall is booked from 9.30 for ukulele practise.