Our Staff

We are a two form entry primary school with two nursery classes. We have three classes in our year 5 group due to the large demand for places in the town.


Senior Leaders

Headteacher: Mrs. Christine Terrey

Deputy Headteacher / Senco : Mrs. Emma Chaplin

Deputy Headteacher  : Miss. Lyn White

EYFS Leader : Mrs. Nicola Williams

Key Stage 2 Leader : Mrs. Deniz Elton

Office Staff

Health, Safety and Safeguarding Officer / Heads PA : Mrs. Sarah McGonigle

Bursar: Mrs. Michelle Young

Attendance and Absence Officer : Mrs. Katherine Cotton

Foundation Village Admin Officer : Ms. Vicky Webster

Main Office Admin Officer : Mrs Mel Ellis


Class Teacher: Mrs. Nicola Williams 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Julia Streeter, Mrs. Sharon Voice,  Mrs Amie Fox

Individual Needs Assistant: Mrs. Paula Crossley

Additional MDSA : Mrs. Lorraine Whitehead

Volunteer: Miss. Sarah Baverstock


Class Teachers: Mrs Elizabeth Jackson,  Mrs Emma Colbran-Green, Mrs Michele White

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Alex Hanscombe, Mrs. Wendy Avenell

Individual Needs Assistants : Mrs. Emma Mitchell


Year  1

Class Teachers: Mrs Ellie Clarke-Walker,  Mr Andrew Theobold

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Catherine Lewis, Mr Ken MacQueen

Individual Needs Assistant: Mrs Nicola Crewe


Year 2

Class Teachers: Mr. Anthony Chaplin, Mrs Vicky Pescott

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Liz Geering, Mrs Michelle Penfold

Individual Needs Assistants:  Mrs Debbie Boswell,  Mrs Julie Lovis

Additional Nurture Teacher across Years 1 and 2: Miss. Maria Angelaki

Nurture Ta : Mrs Nicola Crewe

Year 3

Class Teachers: Miss. Katherine Lloyd, Mr Christopher Ancell

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Kerri Moors, Mrs Caireen York

Individual Needs Assistant: Mrs Sarah Jones


Year 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Inga Elphick, Mr Nicholas Jacques

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Maria Williams , Mrs Liz Allen

Individual Needs Assistants: Ms Dawn Carter, Miss Emma Dunk, Ms Annie Derrick


Year 5

Class Teachers: Mrs Deniz Elton, Mr. Matthew Wright, Mr Ben Silk

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Julie Bothwell, Mrs Michelle Tyhurst, Mrs Sarah-Jane Smith

Individual Needs Assistants: Mrs Hayley Parsons

Year 6

Class Teachers: Miss Olivia Mellor, Miss. Lisa Marshall

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Danielle Francis, Mrs. Helene Bray

Individual Needs Assistants: Mrs Jackie Stenning

Additional MDSA in Key Stage 2 : Ms.Lorraine Heacock

Non-Class Based

Reading Recovery Teacher: Mrs. Anna Smith

Specialist SEN TA: Mrs. Lesley Breach

Specialist Behviour SEN TA : Miss Fi Ruddle

Specialist Support TA: Mrs. Mandy Culley

ICT Network Manager: Mr. Steven Geering

Caretaker : Mr. Stephen Gould

Assistant Caretaker: Mrs Sandra Common

Cleaners: Mrs. Sheree Mullett, Mrs Margaret Weller, Mrs. Angie Rhodes, Mrs Deborah Nicholson

Before and After School Care Clubs

Toasties: Mrs. Debbie Boswell, Mrs Sharon Voice, Ms Dawn Carter, Mrs Emma Mitchell

Puffins: Mrs Gaynor Lowe, Mrs. Wendy Avenell, Mrs. Sharon Voice

Beanies:  Mrs. Debbie Boswell, Mrs. Paula Crossley, Mrs. Amie Fox, Mrs Gaynor Lowe, Mrs Emma Mitchell

BATS Breakfast: Mrs. Helene Bray, Mrs Caireen York, Mrs Gaynor Lowe

BATS Tea time: Mrs. Sarah-Jane Smith, Mrs Liz Geering, Mrs Caireen York, Mrs Claire Mayo